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BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACk [March 7th, 2008]
[ mood | crazy ]

i've been gone for so long. (personal crap)
have to get back into the swing of things again. >

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Children Of Dune Icons - 2 [December 11th, 2006]
So I only got to making 2 icons tonight. I have this migrane and it has been killing me. Been going to the doctors and so far nothing, though I have to go back for a second MRI and I'm so afraid of getting a spinal tap. I'm a complete coward when it come's to needles, even blood tests, I try to avoid them. lol. I know, pathetic. So just drop these two.

First icon is of Alia Atreides, I don't get to do as many icons of her as I want. I happen to be enchanted by her character, she's quite interesting, specially the postion she is in. So this icon's main theme is her mother's touch. Screencap is when Jessica return's to Dune and is talking to Alia and places her hand on her face, so I thought it was an interesting picture.

Second icon is of the twins, Leto and Ghanima. I really wanted to put together, but I have crappy fonts. So I just adorned it. Let's see if I'll work more on the twins. Specially on Leto.

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back! [December 10th, 2006]
[ mood | creative ]

Yes I am back for sure, my laptop is in my hand so I can get back to my icon making. So let's see what I'll get to making. Lately I've been meaning to get around making some Dune/Children Of Dune icons and throw some Moulin Rouge ones in there, specially of the unconscious argentinean.

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o.m.g [September 27th, 2006]
[ mood | confused ]

IM BACK.....well, kinda. o.o

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Wow! [May 19th, 2006]
Yeah, been quite a long time since I've updated. I've been doing the graphics, guess not as much as icons, but just graphics to entertain myself. School was off this whole week do to the rain and flooding going on here. So, my ass has just been rotting here, not much going on. Had the gal come over and hang over Ana's house, it was good, quite quiet, but cha. Think I'm ma leave it at that. Ana discovered this channel called LOGO and I'm interested in what they showcase.
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capote! >. [April 30th, 2006]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Finally, mother brins home Capote, for me to watch. I'm midway into the movie and I fucking love it, I had never really heard much of Capote, just stuff here and there. So, this is quite good. I'm really enjoying the movie, maybe I'll re-watch it again later on. Philip those such a great job playin Capote, from head to toes. Mind. Body. Soul. Great. I love how Capote begins of interest with the story and the men just wanting an article, then turns it to a book. But the interest into the book turns into friendship with Perry. So I'm off to watch it cuz I don't know anything else more of the film. LOL. <3

Leaving a few icons;

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omg [April 28th, 2006]
[ mood | cold ]

Omg. School has be on a leash. Now I know that is feels like for a man to be whipped by a woman. LOL!

Sadly I only bring three, well make that only two Elijah Wood Icons;

So, the Senior class we'll be having their prom next Friday, rather then use us Juniors be used by the Seniors for our money, we decided to have a bunch of only the close friends gather at my house and throw a li'l prom of our own. Okay, mainly because we didn't have the money for the prom and had no purpose for the prom, but you know what, whatever. Yah, I said it, whatever, wanna fight about it? v.v;

Listening to Franz Ferdinand and its fucking orgmastic. <3 ;3

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The Mother [April 25th, 2006]
[ mood | bitchy ]

She could atleast give me the decency to hear me out, that's all I ask of her. She gives the brother the seal of 'approvement' but to the sister, what? 'REJECTED!' I try explaing or talking myself to her about my current situation, but she just doesn't get it. The mother is so quickly to get offensive and start barking and say how I'm always wanting things my way, BULLLSHIT! I have the right towards that money, I mean, the $250 is for me, and I want to use it for prom, but since the mother complains I want 'too' many things then I might as well not bother. I asked to cancel all my previous plans with the money so I could have it for the prom, but she automatically attacked me, and I could barely get a word at her. I mean, it's not my fault she's having any debt of financial problem. The mother wishes to get the Channel earings, the designer bags, the fancy things for the house, the brother, then she can deal with them. But she does not come to me and put her blame on me, she does not do this!

Yah...I know, I'm bitching, but I let her get under skin and I hate the fact that I let her do that. >.< Guess I'm ma have to deal and turn the other cheek.

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picnic [April 22nd, 2006]
[ mood | cynical ]

So Juana, Ana & me had a picnic yesterday which I guess went quite well. It started out good, just eating the junk food, talking, making fun of each other, trying to play bop it and just taking pictures and stuff. Then I began zoning out and just comepletely left the group...tend to do that a lot. Just isolate myself, its kinda like a natural habit now.

Well, enough. So, had an Elijah Wood orgy last night. LOL! Which pretty much means there will soon be some Elijah Wood lj icons, some Dominic Monoghan as well. I was looking for Billy Boyd, but I couldn't find any good high quality images...pissed me off. Hate when I can't find the right images...T^T Also, tomorrow I hope to be posting my resource page, and I'll make sure to update it.

'Till then, I will remain truely yours, Rusted.

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EMPTY [April 21st, 2006]
[ mood | depressed ]

I feel so empty....I just dont feel anything. Just so angry, sad, hopeless, afraid, alone. I mean...I really do try to be happy and all, but pretending isn't making it any better, just makes me more angry at myself and the fact that pretending is killing me. Sad, how just everything can change, the flashbacks come back, the present begins changing for the worse, the people you need aren't there and it's. LOL! I'm sorry, but sometimes I just sit here and laugh. I mean, I just luagh at myself, and it feels so good, not cuz I'm funny or cuz it's a joke, but to be able to look at yourself and laugh.

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Oh YAH! [April 20th, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

Well, finally got around the new layout and coding it. It literally took me days, LOL! Had to go back and forth to find codes and overrides, so I think its okay. Unless I screwed up on some of the html and I don't know of.

Thursday, OMG! Vacation is almost over. Though there's really nothing for me to say about it, was just comepletely boring and quite pointless with the trip being cancelled and what not. But oh well, you have to deal with life's dissapointments. Plus, I have Jancarlos and Anthony to keep me busy. Took both of them to the park, along with Ana, Dianna (Anthony's mom), and Joy. It was fun, walked around, talked, joked, and talked some more. Felt good, just the girls hanging out. Jancarlos fell asleep and the mother took him away from us, so we stayed with Anthony, and he also fell asleep. Poor baby was so tired, not to mention it was getting breezy too. God, I feel like a house wife. xDD Forget what you see in Desperate Housewives, nothing comepared to an actual house wife. Ana and me were looking at this poster that had women who like were icons throughout history, and we saw Marge Simpson (sp?) and we both nodded: 'The true house wife'.

My ass is off to clean my room. Really, I don't know how it gets so messy...okay, I do. But still you know...not that I don't mind cleaning, there's just too many things to clean. LOL! Yah, lazy!

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omg [April 15th, 2006]
[ mood | cranky ]

OMG! My HTML/CSS is really killing me. Im trying to make a layout, but everything comes out wrong. LOL! >.< I have the graphics down, but not the coding. T^T

Well, our plans for NYC got cancelled, ended up getting a red light. Oh, what to do, what to do...

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no...im not. [April 12th, 2006]
[ mood | confused ]

LOL! I listen & watch Korean, Japense, Indian and etc music, movies, tv...and someone told me that I'm stupid, cuz I don't understand the language. True. But if I have a connection with the character on screen, or can understand the body language along with mood and tone, then Im fine to go. Yes understanding the language is better, but I think having that connection is what really puts you out there, you know? Which is quite a pity that people get so discouraged do to the fact they don't understand a tradition or a language. I mean, you have to go through that in order to learn more about it. There's more then one side to things, there's never one. No such thing as one side. Plus, there are plenty of things you can relate to that person, maybe not the language, but the lifestyle or their current abouts and things.

So yah, enough about that, my head is yet again killing me. T_T Stupid Tylenol and fucking Advil don't work for shit. Excuse my language, guess I should've mentioned that I do a lot of swearing. ^_^ But can you really blame a girl? I mean, come on. Well, I'm ma go, think I'm ma catch up and watch some GTO.

Bring 4 icons, all are from Roberto Benigni's Pinocchio. Hoping to find some good quality images of La Vita E Bella, so I can make a few icons. So, here they are;

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finito! [April 11th, 2006]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Yay, last night finished my Criminal Justice pamphlet, I spent 5 fucking hours on the damn' thing! >.< Yah, I know, such a long time. LOL! So here are some pics of the pamphlet;

<--front cover, You Are The Law

<--first page, Lawyer

<--second page, Forensic Scientist

<--last page, Private Detective

So, pretty much the pamphlet had to do with couriers in Criminal Justice. Yah...I know, too cool for you. LOL! JK! Oh yah, only 2 crappy Panic! At The Disco (good band) icons.

I'm off, btw, check out Artic Monkey, Alkaline Trio, Atreyu and Robbers On High Street. Good bands.
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so near... [April 9th, 2006]
AH! >.<

Springbreak is just around the corner, FUCKING HELL YEAH! The friend and me made plans to go NYC! This would be my first time, never have been near or in NYC. So, let's see what the big hype about the place is. We're planning to visit the THE BODIES EXHIBITION, and some other museums she wishes to drag me along to. Think Ana said we might get to see RENT. So, yay, let's just hope all goes according to plan. Do dread when such plans are made and something at the last minute stops you from going, and this happens all the time. Guess I should get ready for dissapointment, happens all along.

Oh yah, new layout, DUH! Well, HTML credits go to insomniac of createblog.com It features the talented Zach Braff, the guy has quite the talent, and I LOVED his film GARDEN STATE. So, I was browsing around and my eyes caught the picture, so yah. Ain't he a li'l sexii one?

Well, I am off. Have to get ready, since I didn't work on the pamphlet for Criminal Justice. My nephew came over and my hands were pretty much tied. I miss him...T_T <3
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Damien <3 [April 7th, 2006]
My Nephew Damien

<---vid me make with my baby, damien, in it. <3
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THUNDERCATS HO! [April 6th, 2006]
Yah...Damn' straight. Thundercats be some damn' good old classic cartoons. I miss them old days. Thundercats, Captain Planet, GI JOE, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, Transformers...omg. Looking back these past years, everything has really gone past quite quickly. Like all under a blink of an eye, and ta-dah!, here you are. Wow...what happened?
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school = x_X [April 3rd, 2006]
Dude...School is pulling at my last strand of hair.
I've got to get reading Death of a Sales Man, and begin the study guide. I also need to start on the damn' thesis statement for the research project. My ass settled with Geisha, so, I got all the info, now to put it together without making it sound like copy & paste. LOL! No, I don't do plagiarism, I don't want my ass kicked by the school system.
Though, I bore of all these essays, they really don't let you have a say or state like your own opinions, cutting the freedom of speech. Then, you end up braking a rule, and they says; Thanks, but I wasn't looking for that. T_T Like my Criminal Justice teacher, he gave us a test, open answered, yet he didn't wish to hear the opinion of one, but the words from the text. >.< Im sorry, but that does really get me annoyed, a lot of people have some good stuff to say, you know? You don't have to be old and wise to know something or share it with others.
I am off to watch...maybe Memoirs of a Geisha or King Kong.


Oh yah, mwua ha ha ha, I bring 2 new Chani and 2 Alia related icons. Below they are;

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6 COD icons [April 2nd, 2006]
Halo. Well I last night I got in my Dune mood, and so I made a few icons, not many though. I plan to make some more, cuz I find that not many icons are made for Dune. Well there is, but not so many of the kind that I would like. Though,my fav icons are those of Leto & The Worms, Paul & Chani, Leto & Paul, and ofcourse Alia & The Baron. So, here they are. Enjoy, again take with credit. <3 {If I did not credit you, please, again, do tell me.}

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[April 1st, 2006]
I'm so tired, I barely got any sleep last night. Guess I'm going back to my insomiac days.

Well made a few icons, which are displayed below. I like the Milla Jovovich and Charlize Theron icon's the most. <3 Welcome to take them, as long as you give credit. {Btw, if you see that I used a brush and gave no credit, just tell me, I tend to loose track of where I download the stuff.}

Omg, I'm off, they're giving Castle In The Sky. Really do love Hayao Miyazaki, those are the good old classics. Since tv doesn't seem to have any actual entertaining shows, just all of these repeated crap. What has happened to hollywood? Where has all the talen and magic gone?
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