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Rusted Boredom

I need an oil change!

26 July 1989
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-nickname : grace
-real name : grecia
-dob : 7 26 89
-gender : girl
-star : leo
-location : arrakis
-work : school

music, tv, books, comics, dreaming, sleep, food, my hair, anime, colors, death, art, movies, children, goofying off, slurpee, french toast, writing, poetry, photography, graphics, nightmare before christmas, anime, pancakes, skulls, pineapple, sean <3

society, ignorance, obligations, cleaning, heat, religion, school, superficialness, stereotyping, tests, dentists, doctors, clowns, rats

guns n roses, pink floyd, good charlotte, red hot chili peppers, the dresden dolls, velvet underground, johny cash, nirvana, the shins, brighteyes, poison, interpol, metallica, queen, the white stripes, radiohead, led zeppelin, blink 182, aerosmith, the distillers, no doubt, madonna, garbage, goo goo dolls, twisted sisters, franz ferdinand ....

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Dom is Love./Angels are Love.
alia atreides, alias, alkaline trio, angel, angelina jolie, anime, anne rice, annie, badtz maru, batman, beetle juice, ben affleck, billy boyd, blink 182, books, breakfast club, bruce lee, buffy the vampire slayer, children of dune, cinderella, clint eastwood, colors, comedy, comics, converse, cowboy bebop, criminal justice, csi, dbz, dc comics, dead like me, decorating, directing, directors, disney, dogma, dominic monaghan, dr. seuss, dreaming of jeannie, elijah wood, elvis presley, fantasy, fiction, food, frank herbert, friends, fruits basket, gambit, garden state, ghanima atreides, god emperor of dune, graphics, gravitation, greek, greek & roman mythology, hair, halloween, harry potter, horror, i love lucy, interview with the vampire, invader zim, japan, jennifer garner, john goodman, johnny depp, julius caeser, law & order, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lost, madtv, manga, marilyn monroe, marine biology, marvel, milla jovovich, moulin rouge, music, my english teacher, new zealand, nightmare before christmas, old westerns, peter jackson, phantom of the opera, pin up toons, pink panther, pirates, psychology, psylocke, queer as folk, reading, red hot chili peppers, resident evil, retro, romanian, romeo & juliet, sailor moon, science fiction, silent hill, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, snl, snow white, something about mary, special effects, star wars, stilgar, street fighter, super mario, supernatural, swearing, tattoos, tekken, the 50's, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, the big lebowski, the joker, the office, the simpsons, the white stripes, the x-files, tim burton, tom hanks, tom raider, toy story, trigun, tv, tv land, utena, velvet underground, video games, westside story, x-men, xanga, young frankenstein, zombies, zoology